We at Kolsteren Projekten realize that we as a company are part of the society in which we operate. We regularly involve local entrepreneurs in our projects, and we work strictly according to all applicable environmental- and safety rules.

But, according to us, Social Corporate Responsibility goes a step further. That is why Kolsteren Projekten consequently contributes to several charity organizations. We support these organizations in both material and financial ways, but we also share our knowledge and expertise where necessary.

The charity organizations to which we contribute are among others:

  • Astmafonds (Asthma Fund)
  • Housing project ‘Armem Bouwen Hun Eigen Huis’ (‘Poor build their own home’), set up by Father Jac Prins, who helps less fortunate families in Brazil to build up a life. Weblink:promoradia.com.br
  • Oxfam Novib
  • Artsen zonder Grenzen
  • Construction of a new school in Haiti after the earthquake
  • Stichting Butterdorp. Supports projects and other initiatives which contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of people domestic and abroad.
  • Stichting Hanhart voor Muziek

Weblink: http://www.hanhartvoormuziek.nl/de-stichting/