Kolsteren Projekten is a project agency which coordinates constructions from A to Z, from design to completion and aftercare.



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The construction of stores and offices is our day-to-day business. The entire process from license application, budget monitoring and planning, to quality control of the construction is taken care of. We arrange your the whole project.

Our unique selling point is that we negotiate directly with the contractor, the electrician, the painter etc.

We purchase directly from the source !!

Quotations are requested directly from local or regional companies. This eliminates the overhead costs of contractor , which can add up to 10 to 15%.

Our price advantage benefits you directly !!

Our hourly rates are very competitive in the project agency market. These costs are only a small percentage of the total investment. However, the most important thing for you as an entrepreneur, is that you can carry on your core business without any worries. After all, you are an entrepreneur, not a contractor.

We unburden you so you can continue with your core business !!

We solely operate with high-quality products and professionals. These professionals expect a structured and well-organized working atmosphere, which we are able to provide.

We guarantee the best quality for a competitive price !!

Prior to the start of the renovations, you are acquainted with all costs. The budget will be calculated in detail, so that you gain an insight in all separate activities.

We provide you a clear, detailed budget in advance !!